Saturday, April 16, 2011

Help or hinder?

I am the director of a paranormal team in Las Vegas,NV called Vegas Valley Paranormal. We have been a team for 1 1\2yrs . I awoke one fall morning after a night of re-living dreams of the hauntings i had endured as a child and the strange objects i saw in the Sky's of Utah. I had searched for answers in my family and got taken to the doc's office and told that Satan was in me for the things i had experienced.. so i learned not to talk about these things. Well , The these things that would happen never stopped so when i was 16yrs old i started to look for the answers i sought. This fall morning i spoke of it all came into light and i said that's enough! I could not go on knowing that there was more folks like me that had many unanswered questions about the paranormal side of life. So i started a group to talk about these strange happenings and a few showed up and the next thing i knew we where investigating homes and such. We have never claimed to be the folks that cleansed or cross spirits over just investigators. We investigate and find if there is paranormal activity in the place and then share it with the client and if they want help we give them to the folks that do that side of things. Through the time we have worked with many involved in the paranormal community and i have saw many different ways of doing things in the field some great others well...... the point is that many give there time and money to do this with out ego. While others think they rule the roost and have the bridge troll mindset " you will not cross my bridge unless i get what i want!"
The more teams that investigate a place the more answers you end up with and is not answers what we do this for to give a person a clue to what is happening in there lives from others that may have lived them same questions. I just got one question for you the reader "Do these bridge troll teams HELP OR HINDER?"

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