Monday, April 25, 2011

Holy grail or epic fail?

This is the part of paranormal investigation that is hard to swallow and I have been investigating for shoot, I guess the better part of 16yrs. I have seen many strange things but this time this one is for the books.

The VVP team has investigated this Las Vegas restaurant called "Carluccio's Tivoli Gardens" 5 times and walked out of there like kids in a candy store. This place has to be one of the most haunted restaurant in America and owned by a true Las Vegas entertainer by the name of Liberace. We capture Tons of EVP's with a high percentage of Class A.

It never seems to fail to amaze me!

The story i will share with you is of a night that caught me off guard. The date was 10-10-10 it was our 3rd investigation and we geared up and got to work. First, EMF base line then saturation photos. I will explain what we call sat (saturation photos) photos. It is the time when we go through every room and take a number of photos from every angle in doubles or before and after.

Every one grabs a camera and picks a room and then "flash flash flash...." is all you hear from our team as we let loose. I just say lights out and before the light go out I start taking pictures.

There are still Carluccio's employees working and just finishing up from the nights' dinner rush. My team members are doing there thing and all the people are wearing black except my camera guy and he was wearing a white button up shirt.

Keeping these details in mind, this is where things get very strange very fast. The lights go out and I take 15-20 more pictures then I stop and look back through these photos cause I just saw a mist. Well the mist turned out to be white wash from the flash and the wall. So I was flipping through the rest of the photos I took and got back to the first photos when the lights where on and noticed the second photo that was taken had a guy in a pink shirt sitting at a table. I was shocked... This was hours after the place has closed and like I said, EVERYONE was in pure black except my camera guy. So after I fumbled over the camera for 20 minutes and scratched my head, I grabbed the camera guy and said sit there in the spot trying to recreate the shot. Well that was not even close to the same I said!!

I ran every option through my brain over and over. I asked the owner if he saw anyone in the restaurant that fit that description that night. He was just as baffled as my team and I were. None of us have ever seen anything like this. He looked solid as you and me until you get a close up then you notice the mortar between the bricks through him.

Well I was blown away. This was where I said "OK Barrie". What was that photo? Then the questions started. I was running it through the ringer because the saying goes "if it is to good to be true it probably is." I am a sceptic first then a believer, only after hard facts, and to be honest, I took the photo and I am still on the fence. I sent the photo to a few professors and had it validated that it was not a photo shop job or any type of funny business. I did everything I could do to to debunk the photo. At this point with the photo, I still won't label it paranormal nor will I say that it is fake.

So I would have to ask your opinion on this photo because I am stumped at this point. Please feel free to pass this blog on. I would love to have many opinions on this picture.

Because even I want to know if this is a Holy Grail or Epic Fail!!!!


  1. Holy Grail Batman!

    No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen ~ Minor White ~

  2. All I can say, Barrie, is I was there that night and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man in the pink shirt was NOT here when you took the photo. The fact that you can zoom in on the picture and see the lines through the mans body is also interesting.

  3. Not paranormal.

    1. Amazing that someone can so easily take the stance of "not paranormal" without being there. Even more amazing to be "anonymous" while saying so......sorta makes that opinion nullified. Great catch guys!

    2. Amazing that someone can so easily take the stance of "not paranormal" without being there. Even more amazing to be "anonymous" while saying so......sorta makes that opinion nullified. Great catch guys!

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