Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How a Critic Taught me a Valuable Lesson

I received an e-mail from an individual that listened to some of the EVP's I have posted on YouTube. I briefly glanced over the e-mail and focused in on the end of the e-mail. The individual had come to the conclusion that the EVP's were a fake. This really bothered me at first. It shouldn't have but it did. I knew I hadn't faked them and I couldn't believe that someone would suggest that I would put something out that was a fake. Being a paranormal Investigator I should have a higher threshold for criticism. It's not the first time I have received an e-mail about some evidence we have posted. I went back and read the entire e-mail and focused on why this individual thought my EVP's were a fake. On my YouTube post I mentioned that I use an MP3 player to record the audio for my EVP's. I do. My MP3 player captures amazing audio! The individual that e-mailed me commented that they had read, on the Internet, that digital voice recorders were capable of recording EVP's but an MP3 player was not. This is why they thought my EVP's were a fake. There is a lot of information, on the Internet, about the paranormal. Much of what is on the Internet is theory, speculation, or just opinion. In this case it was someone who must have had a lack of knowledge. Any device that is capable of recording audio can capture EVP's. Anything from a digital voice recorder to an Ipod can capture EVP's. As long as the device can record audio. I sent a response back to the individual who e-mailed me. I thanked them for taking the time to respond. The fact that they even responded was amazing given the fact that many listen to the EVP's but few say anything about them. They opened my eyes to how important it is to hear from critics. I do want feedback, good or bad, and this feedback really turned out to be great. I was able to clear up a huge misunderstanding and hopefully educate this person. Critics are a great thing for this field. They keep the conversation going and they allow us, the paranormal investigator, a chance to explain some misconceptions.


  1. Criticism can be a good thing, but for me it's hard not to take it personally. Especially when I feel my integrity is being challenged. There ARE going to be naysayers out there and it just goes along with what we do. Intellectual debate is always a good thing though.

  2. Maybe its the stubborn Aquarius in me... But I say challenge me so I can prove you wrong lol I know that no matter what there will always be people that will call our evidence fake, but as long as WE know that we arent photo shopping our ghosties in or faking our evps, that should be what matters. I think all the paranormal shows are making more non believers into believers and we should have confidence in our captures...that confidence can go a loooooong way :)