Monday, November 28, 2011

UFO in my crosshairs.

October, I just turned 17. it's getting cold. the varmints season has begun on the lava flows of the west desert of utah.
Just after dinner I made the call to my buddy's and said meet you all at 7:00pm for tonight's hunt. There was 5 of us this night. My self Barrie and my girlfriend and 2 brothers mic&moe and my bestfriend ray.
This was just another hunt for us.....
2:10 we are using predator calls to bring in the coyotes with no luck. So we said let's go drive around the lava fields that were about 10 minutes away. We pulled up over looking the lava flows and there it sat. The truck dies at 2:22am.
We were all locals. We know that these lights and craft we were seeing was the real deal no other man made object could hover over the the 6-8ft lava fields. This craft was big really big. It looked to be about 1/2 miles out so I grabbed my gun that had a very powerful scope and laid the rifle over the hood of my bronco and zoomed in.
" Holy mother of god" I muttered to myself. At this time every one that was with me started to freak out..
Ray yells at me " get us out of here Barrie" I was stuck with amazement i was seeing the thing that modern culture says " This is not real".
Well I would beg to differ.
5 minutes have passed every one around me is crying and yelling for me to hand over the keys to the truck. I was inspecting every light,grate and every nook and cranny of this ship. There was 5 large rectangle shaped grates on the side above the canary yellow lights. that circled the entire ship.
Also black window type blocks above the lights.
Next thing I know is my best friend pulls out a pistol and demands that I give the keys to him! So I grabbed my rifle and hopped in the truck and started to drive and we noticed the yellow lights turned burgundy purple and it lifted slowly up and tilted up to the sky and zip it was gone.
I got home that night and noticed my wrist watch was stopped at 2:22am.
What I saw was a UFO no doubt in my mind. Well the others will still not talk about what we saw 20yrs ago.
All I know is I had a UFO in my crosshairs.

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