Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No way!?!?!

"Damn dog!" I grumbled under my breath. My dog, Belladonna just broke through the new wood fence that keeps the dogs off the patio. So I grabbed my screw gun and head out to fix the fence... This true story I am about to tell you has become the strangest incident I have ever experienced and that's saying a lot! My name is Barrie and I am the director of Vegas Valley Paranormal. With that being said I have dedicated my life to the strange and unknown. This was just that strange and unknown. "Bzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz.....that should do it!" I said to myself as I unplugged the screw gun and wound up the cord. I was standing under the patio 5ft from this fence and gate I put up to keep the dog of the patio. Belladonna was on the yard side and she jump up on the fence so I yelled for her to get down! She did not listen so I walked over to the gate, pushed her off, and told her to go lay down. So she walked off in to the yard and I turned and headed in the house about ten steps and I was totally dumb founded?!?! My dog that I just watched walk in to the yard just rounded the coffee table in my house and ran up and jumped on me,"What the hell?!?" I said and I grabbed the dog and took her back out side. From that point on, I paced the house for two days scratching my head wondering how that just happened. From that day on every time I think about what happened all I can say is "No way?!?!" Until next time, Barrie for more from the Vegas valley paranormal team!

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