Sunday, August 19, 2012

     How Bruce McCormick got started in the paranormal investigation bizz.
Well the curiosity of it started when I was just a kid, I would hear of paranormal events taking place around my family all the time. Events to note would be a ghost stopping a refrigerator from falling on my Aunt. And at a family function a well know ghost that lives in the home was baby sitting us small kids. Crazy right?

     When I was in my early thirties I did a little research to see how some one could “Ghost hunt” Well at that time it appeared that I could only afford a voice recorder and another tip I got was to use a compass. In theory the compass works like an EMF detector. It would spin uncontrollably when a spirit was close to it.

     I asked my cousin if he wanted to check out the barn to see if it was haunted. This barn is on my Aunts property, every one in the family says they have seen something in there at one time or another or people passing through would say “That barn creeps me out.” My cousin said “Cool let’s give it a try.”

     We entered the barn about an hour after dusk; we set the compass up on a small table and placed the voice recorder next to it. A few hours had passed with no activity at all so we decided to take a little break. We left the compass and the voice recorder inside the barn just in case. When we went back into the barn the compass was laying about five feet from the table. My cousin and I just stared at it for a minute then looked at each other. We attempted to make the compass move that far by bumping the table and jumping on the ground next to the table, but we could not get the same effect. We listened to the voice recorder and we could hear it hit the ground, we did not hear it leave the table but could clearly hear it hit the ground.

     That was my first paranormal investigation and my launch into bigger and better things.

Written by: Bruce McCormick
Member of Vegas Valley Paranormal (VVP)

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