Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Toy

My latest purchase was a digital voice recorder. I was told that I could listen to it in "real time." For the paranormal investigator this is a major capability when you are doing investigations. Being able to listen in "real time" allows you to hear EVPs as they happen. This allows you to attempt to communicate with spirits. Without this capability you have to go home and listen to audio files and pick out the EVPs. You have no clue, during the investigation, of what the spirits where saying or how to communicate with them. I hooked up the recorder to my headphones and couldn't believe what I was able to hear. I also found out that our team had several other digital voice recorders that had the same capability. So, during our investigation we used these recorders to try and see if we could capture a spirit voice as it spoke to us. Sure enough, later in the night, we captured a spirit trying to talk to us! Our director, Barrie, was in a room close to me. I asked if anyone wanted us to leave. Sure enough, Barrie heard a voice, in his digital recorder, that told us to "get out now." We all listened to it and it was clear as day! The voice was not from anyone in the room. That wasn't the only thing we heard! After we heard the response we tried to talk to the spirit and communicate with him. We asked him why he wanted us to leave and to show us something and we would leave. Barrie heard one more response from our spirit friend. He told us to "run." We all listened to the audio, right after it happened, and it was very clear. After trying to communicate with our spirit, for quite some time, it was obvious that he had no intention of doing anything more then making idle threats. We were hoping that he would make good on his word. As weird as that may sound. In the world of paranormal investigating you hope to get the spirits to do as much as possible when you are investigating. My new toy turned out to be a great purchase and gave our team an amazing new capability that we will be able to use on future investigations.

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