Friday, April 1, 2011

Unsinkable? How about Unforgettable!

So I went to a meeting with our director yesterday to go over the website info for the new site I'm working on (I swear it will be amazing as soon as I can get the program to play nice with me!) and he handed me this paranormal magazine that's printed in England! I was flipping through it and I saw that a paranormal group is trying to go to the Titanic crash site with their cameras and recorders!! OK, so they're not going down in the water to where she lays, but they're still going to be in the general area. According to the article, they will be in a boat, in time period clothing and trying to be as accurate to the night of the sinking as possible, eating the same meal and listening to the same music. I think everyone is slightly (at the least) intrigued by the unfortunate story of The Titanic. I've always thought that it'd be nice to go to where she sank and see the ship in person; now I know that these investigators may not be jumping ship and going deep sea diving, but they are dropping down their own dummy with a camera and special microphone, so their equipment will be seeing the site... I can only imagine what they're going to capture! I hope that if the group finds the funding they need and is able to go that they post their findings on the internet or show it on TV so we can all share! I can't believe that this ship sank almost 99 years ago, and everyone knows its story today. The ship may not have been unsinkable, but it is definitely unforgettable and her story will live on forever.

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  1. Hey great story, We should see if we can do an investigation at the Titanic exhibit, would be fun.