Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I was at work today and my coworker stopped to ask me about how I felt about seeing the unexplainable. Now being in a paranormal investigations group he peaked my interest so I asked, "Well what do you mean by unexplainable?" He proceeds to tell me about how last night (I think he said last night anyway...this was quite a few hours ago) he went outside his house to smoke in the dark hours of the morning and he saw this strange red light the basically defied every law of physics he knew. He claimed it was traveling at about 10,000 MPH, it was red and when he held his arm out the light was about the size of his thumb. He saw it go from one end of the sky to the next in about a second. This red light didn't have a tail, and went in a straight line, no arcs!! I'm excited for him and I totally wish that I had seen it myself (or that he was at least able to get pictures of it!!). This coworker is one I've talked to about the paranormal before, but it's always been "ghost talk," I don't think he ever really thought about the possibility of other life forms coming from somewhere other than Earth. He was so excited about it... and freaked out I couldn't help but giggle when he kept saying he thought "I couldn't have just seen what I saw...but I did!" So sorry if you're reading this by the way... I was too excited for you to NOT post this ;) Now I remember when I was little, I saw something unexplainable in the sky... I just wish I could see something explainable as an adult so I can remember more details other than the speed and flight path that made absolutely no sense to me.

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  1. When I was in my 20's here in Vegas I remember seeing the strangest blue light shoot across the town at lightening speed. It was too low to be a shooting star and appeared to be too fast to be anything "man made". Weird. Just one of those things that cant be explain. I'm not naive enough to think that we are all that is out there in this universe. To believe so is placing limitations on God or whatever higher power people worship, and is pretty arrogant. There are things we simply cannot understand or explain because we are only human.