Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Ghost in the Hospital

 When my wife was admitted to the hospital, to have my daughter, the last thing on my mind was ghosts. When your a paranormal investigator I guess you just never know where and when a personal story about a ghost will come up.
  It was 14 hours in and a nurse came in to check my wife's contractions. I had only 2 hours of sleep before I got the call that my wife was being admitted so, I was exhausted. I was trying to fall asleep, on a very uncomfortable chair, when I heard the nurse mention something to my wife that made my tired mind take note. I heard "ghost" and all the sudden I was wide awake!
  The nurse just started talking about a ghost on the floor that we were on. I just listened without showing much interest. My wife, hearing about the ghost, broke into the conversation and told the nurse not to tell me about it because I was a paranormal investigator. I think she wanted me to concentrate on the baby.
   The nurse went on about the ghost. The ghost was in one room. It would call the front desk, from that room, and talk. It would say that it's medication was out. The staff knew that the room was empty and could not explain who was calling them from that room. According to the nurse a call had come in from that empty room the night we were there.
   After hearing the story I was hoping that we would be put in that room, at some point, so I could get to the bottom of what was going on. My baby was my first priority but, a haunted room would have been a bonus! These people have to work there every night and I would have liked to ease their minds about what was really going on so they would have been at ease with what was going on. We never made it to that room.
  I wondered what would cause a spirit to stay in a location where babies were born. Imagine the amount of energy created in such a location. Imagine all the joy, love, and feelings that are created from a life being born. 
 I can't say for sure if the story was true or just a story. We may never know but, that is why there are groups like Vegas Valley Paranormal and many others around the country to help explain what can't be explained.

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