Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hospital Ghosts....continued!

Scott's blog got me thinking and inspired to write another blog again. I worked in a hospital for years and experienced SEVERAL situations that could not be explained. When you work in high-pressure, emotionally intensive situations I am sure that those imprints remain even once spirits pass on. Our hospital didn't deliver babies at the time, so unfortunately we didn't get to experience the joy and happiness that goes along with childbirth. We dealt with trauma, heart attacks, strokes and the general stupidity of the human animal.

During one particular event I was called up into the ICU because a female patient was in cardiac arrest. My job was to jump in and get blood and as I entered the room the patient was surrounded by doctors and nurses, one of them straddling her doing chest compressions. Instead of pushing my way through the chaos I felt a VERY strong urge to hold back so I stood against the wall. Within about a minute I heard a female voice in my ear right next to me and I jumped. No one was standing there. She spoke again, but this time I could understand her words: "What are they DOING to me? Don't they know I'm going to be ok?" A few seconds later the patients time of death was called and everyone began to filter out of the room. I couldn't help but stay behind and feel amazed over what I had just experienced. I was the last person she talked to as she died.

On a lighter note, I was in the hospital a few months ago for an acute asthma attack. While I was laying there my husband and I heard the word "ghosts" and our ears perked up immediately. We listened to their stories of items moving, creepy noises, haunted hospital floors, one of the nurses talking about activity at her home, etc. In the midst of my breathing treatment I began digging through my purse for my VVP business card and I urged my husband to take it to them. "Ummmmm....excuse me", he said. "We've had nothing better to do than to listen in on your conversation and we happen to be paranormal investigators". We are always on the job, right? Hopefully they will call us or show up at an Open Investigation so we can get more stories. Knowing ME I will be trying to pass out cards if I'M in full cardiac arrest. I promise I'll make sure my haunting is worth it.

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