Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying "Goodbye"?

Reading the posts from Scott and Janie, sooo wish I had heard something about ghosts during MY hospital stay when my appendix wanted out... but back to my thought before ADD kicked in.. when I read those posts it reminded me of two semi-recent experiences I had. Both happened last year at different times.

Early in the year I remember one night in which I woke up around 3:15AM because my cat, Midnight, was freaking out. It was obvious she was scared so I tried to calm her down, she didn't seem to calm down until I brought her under the covers, I noticed that the air seemed different in the we had a visitor we couldn't see or something, I also thought it strange for Midnight to freak out like that...she only freaks out when people come over (she doesn't like anyone but me for the most part). I didn't feel threatened so I went back to sleep. A few hours later I find out that my mom and her cat were also woken up at that time. My grandmother called to inform me that my Great Aunt Dorothy had passed away. I immediately called my great grandmother to see how she was doing and she was the one who informed me that Dorothy's time of death was very early in the morning, right around 3AM.

The next happened in April of last year. My mom and I went down to New Orleans with my grandmother to see Wicked the musical (AMAZING by the way!!). One morning while we were out there we woke up and the message light on the phone was blinking. We thought it was weird since the only person who knew our room number was my grandmother, and we hadn't heard the phone ring while we were sleeping. Also to add to the weirdness factor, that light was not on when we went to sleep. My mom decided to check the message anyway while I checked the ever faithful Facebook! As my mom hung up the phone and said "that's weird" I said "aaww, that sucks." We looked at each other and my mom went first telling me that there was no message, then I told her "Marilyn died last night." Marilyn was my Aunt's mother-in-law who had been in the hospital since before we left and wasn't doing so well.

Both instances we felt as if the women were trying to tell us "Goodbye," and assure us that they were in a better place. Both were miserable towards the end and in different levels of pain. What do you think? Is it possible for our loved ones to find ways to tell us goodbye when they've passed on? I know our pets are super sensitive to the paranormal, and Midnight had never met Aunt Dorothy since she lived in Cali, and Marilyn knew Mom and I were in New Orleans since we had been planning the trip since Christmas before.

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