Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures with Ghost Adventures!!

                                          Picture Courtesy of Ghost Adventures

 Well, it's been a while since I posted a blog and all I can give as an excuse is that it has been an insanely busy summer! Between work, kids, vacations, meeting with Ghost Adventures to film for their new season episode....yes, it's been pretty crazy. Wait! Did someone just say we filmed with Ghost Adventures?? Why, YES! We did!
  In February of this year we had the opportunity to go to Tonopah, Nevada and get into the historic Mizpah Hotel around the 100th anniversary of the Belmont Mine fire. The hotel was absolutely amazing even in it's unfinished, dusty and gutted splendor. From the minute we walked into the place, everyone had experiences that ranged from getting touched and hearing whispers to seeing full body apparitions. At one point I saw a face peeking around a corner at me. My tattoos are my own personal EMF meter and when I get in areas where there is activity, my tattoos will raise up to the point where they can be felt. In the basement I had this happen when Jeff and I saw a shadow figure. Just to verify what was going on around us I had Jeff run the EMF meter up and down my arm and we got clear spikes as well as in the area we saw the figure.
At one point during our set-up of our camera equipment, our illustrious leader, Barrie, was alone in the basement (cue in spooky music....) when he was startled by a black figure he saw go right by him. When I say "startled", I am saying the man practically jumped out of his skin. Thankfully the moment was forever documented because the cameras were recording!
Well, that event was soon discovered by the producers of Ghost Adventures and they gave our team a call! We talked with Jeff Belanger, writer for the show. He informed us that the Ghost Adventures team was going in to investigate for their new season and he asked if we would be interested in coming up to talk to them.
Fast forward to July! Barrie, Mike and I packed up and headed north. We met with Zac, Nick and Aaron. After signing all the appropriate consents (basically signing our lives away and to use our images in any way they see fit) we headed out with them to give them a tour of the hotel and show them all of our hot spots. We sat down on camera with them to discuss our experiences and Zak was very interested in Barrie's experience in the basement. We had a great time with all of them and appreciated the opportunity they gave us to help out.
The episode will air Friday night, September 30th at 9pm! So stay tuned in and watch it! A little birdy told me that Barrie's shadow man might have even been captured on film!

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