Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things to make you go "hmmm"

So, my post may not be as exciting as Janie's with our team meeting with GA... but I wanted to see what ya'll think about my latest experience(s). I forewarn you, it's a little on the love life personal side, but for some reason made go "WTH!!" Let me start off with saying that whenever I'm in the car alone at night I can always feel someone with me... usually in the passenger seat. I'm fairly certain that this is one of three people, all family members. One night last month I was driving home and I was listening to this CD that my boyfriend made for me (aaaawwww lol)... he put "our song" on it and at the time that was the song playing. There's a line in the chorus that says "Just a shot in the dark that you just might be the one I've been waiting for my whole life" and right around the 2nd time this line played I heard a very male whisper coming from behind my seat, as if there was someone sitting back there and they leaned forward on the driver's seat just whisper "yes" in my ear. Now, when you're driving at night and you hear a man whisper in your car... it freaks you out... so I switched the radio. The radio starts playing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day... this is a song I have associated with my Uncle since his passing... my Aunt told me that was his favorite song at the time and I had to make sure it made it to the CD we played at his funeral. Ever since his passing, I typically only hear this song when I'm stressing about something or on edge/debating on something. This only added to the freak out mode so I grabbed my ipod and listened to Disturbed.. my calming band :)

Now we get to yesterday. I was doing errands and was on my way to see the boyfriend on his lunch break and the radio station I was listening to went to commercial... so I did what I always do.. push presets until I find a station playing something worth listening to. All of a sudden, my radio jumps from 1079 playing something rockish that I was enjoying, had both hands on my steering wheel, but the radio changed to 95.5 as the station was starting up "our song" (which I'm sure you've guessed is "Just A Kiss" by Lady Antebellum...fits us perfectly)... now country music is nowhere near my presets... I don't listen to it.... with VERY few exceptions. As this happened, and as I went to try to change the station despite the mixed feelings of happiness to hear something that reminds me of the person I love, and creepiness of my radio playing DJ on its own, I feel a hand rubbing my shoulder/upper arm in a very comforting way. At the time of the radio switch, I was wondering how I managed to be so happy and was thinking that maybe I should be watching for the other shoe to drop because I have a tendency to not be able to hold onto good things when they come my way. So, I let the station that I swear I didn't think came in on my car, continue to play the song..once it was over I switched it back to my fun rock station which was, of course, starting up "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." Now back when the song first came out, hearing it on the radio expected just about every 5-10 minutes, but now it's a rarity... I'd love to just say the music stuff is creepy coincidence... but I have no explanation for my car radio deciding to go country at that particular time, nor do I have an explanation for the whispered yes coming from the backseat of my car. I wasn't tired and ready to pass out, I was actually full of energy despite working all day then getting nails done.

So there you have it... my latest encounters.... take it as you will, but I felt the need to share and see what anyone's thoughts are on it :)

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