Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Ultimate Paranormal Experience

  There may be a difference in opinion, from one paranormal investigator to another, as to what  their personal ultimate paranormal experience would be. Most would say seeing a full body apparition would be the ultimate personal experience. It just depends on the investigator. For me, it was being physically touched by the spirits that I have spent countless hours seeking out.
  Every investigation I went into I was hoping that I would experience contact from a spirit. The investigators I was with and I urged for this contact anywhere we went. Each time I was disappointed that at the end of the night it didn’t happen.  My time was coming.
  We received permission to investigate the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV. This  was one of the locations that we wanted to investigate for some time. Based on the many claims, that were coming from those that frequented and worked at this location, we knew there had to be some significant activity going on.
  The Pioneer Saloon is an amazing place. It has changed little since it was constructed in 1913 during the years that Goodsprings, NV was a major mining town. There are even bullet holes in one of the walls from a 1915 gunfight over a poker game where one man was killed.
   Clark Gable was reported to have come to the Pioneer saloon when his wife Carol Lombard’s plane crashed on nearby Mt. Potosi. As the story goes, Clark Gable was so upset by the plane crash that he spent many days at the saloon waiting for word of what happened to his wife. To this day there is a Clark Gable and Carol Lombard room with pictures of the two stars and pieces from the wreckage of the plane that crashed.
   Our investigation was met with much excitement from the members of Vegas Valley Paranormal attending. We went in and set up cameras, canvased the saloon with audio recorders, and we scanned the entire building with our EMF detectors. We were the only people in the building.
   After doing an intensive investigation of the saloon we all met up in the bar area. A few of us sat on bar stools while others sat at the various tables near the bar. It was at this point when I experienced what I had been looking for in all the years I have been investigating.
   I was sitting on a bar stool at the end of the bar. Our Tech Manager, Mike, was sitting on a bar stool in front of me. We were asking questions and trying to get a response from any spirits that may be in the saloon.  The feeling of the room had completely changed and everyone could feel it. I could feel the presence of something in the dark room. 
   After several minutes of asking questions I felt as if someone took their finger and flicked my ear. It was strong enough that I could feel it and I jerked when it happened. There was no one around me that could have caused this. It took me a few seconds to process what had just happened. I quickly alerted everyone to the fact that something had just flicked my ear. The other team members I was with became more alert. Several minutes later Mike, who was sitting in front of me, reported that something had touched his leg. Something unexplained was going on.
After Mike and I had personal experiences we were both energized by what had just happened. We both got up and encouraged whatever it was that touched us to do it again. We tried everything to get another reaction. We never got anything after that.
  I went home from the investigation charged and excited.  This is what I had been waiting for and it finally happened. I just wanted to know if there was anything at all that could provide proof as to what I experienced.
  I had a digital voice recorder with me at the time. When I listened to the audio I heard exactly what happened. The flick on my ear was loud and you could hear my response to the rest of my team members.
  I reported to my team members what I had captured. One of the other investigators let me know  that they also heard what happened, on their voice recorders, and that they captured an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) right after it happened.
  When I went back and listened to my recorder I heard the same EVP. After the flick on my ear you could clearly hear a man’s voice say “hi.” I was shocked!
  Not only had I had my ultimate paranormal experience but, my team members also caught it on their digital voice recorders and an EVP right after. You couldn’t ask for anything more when it comes to personal experiences.
So, if you’re a paranormal investigator,  be patient. You never know where and when your ultimate experience will happen.  Hopefully you will have the evidence, I had, to make your experience more legitimate.

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