Friday, February 17, 2012

Warning to clients

As paranoramal investigators we take upon us a sacred trust from our clients. We are welcomed in to homes, always arriving as strangers, but often leaving as friends. Some investigations are open-ended, meaning that the door is open for repeat investigations and having a foundation of trust is something we treat with the highest respect.

With that in mind, I feel I have to send a word of caution out to anyone that is considering calling in a team for assistance. At a recent investigation it was disclosed to us that a local Las Vegas team engaged in behavior that was not only completely unprofessional, but it absolutely violated that trust our clients place in us the moment we walk through their front door. It was also clear that the behavior exhibited blatantly preyed upon the clients fears and vulnerabilities.

So to all of you out there needing paranormal assistance: it is NEVER acceptable for a team member to ask you to change into your pajamas, especially asking ladies to slip into sleepwear that is in ANY way revealing, as part of their investigation. Especially when you see that a camera is set up in the room and that the little red light is on. It is NEVER appropriate for that team to have you lay in your own bed and put their HANDS on your legs while you lay there. Period. I don't care if you are told it is because they are doing a re-enactment or using a "trigger method" experiment to try to stir up paranormal activity. Being very blunt, I call bullshit and that "investigator" is a predator.

Plain and simple: a paranormal investigator with any integrity would NEVER put a client in a position that would make him or her uncomfortable in that manner. The minute something like that is requested, they should immediately be told to leave your home.

It upsets me to learn that a local team did something like that. Not only does it violate the trust of the client, but it makes it harder for those TRULY needing help to actually call for it once they were treated that way. Vegas Valley Paranormal does not condone that type of behavior nor will we support any team involved in it.

I promise my next post will be a bit cheerier, but I felt it was an important message to get out there to everyone. Good night and thanks for following us!!

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