Friday, March 30, 2012

Creepy Howie...

This was one of the first investigations that the newly formed Vegas Valley Paranormal team had done. There were 4 of us that headed out to the notoriously haunted Sandy Valley Cemetery (at least that's what I was told.) So we decided to investigate it for our selfs. "Hey, you ready?" "Yup! Let's go!"
We loaded up and headed out. We arrived at 10:00 pm and got out of the car. We looked up into the crystal clear sky. It was a full moon and the milky way was in all its glory.
It was kinda chilly but we live for the hunt.
We set up our base table and got ready for our first sweeps of the grounds.
We weren't there three minutes and then Dez, the only female investigator yells " Hey Barrie, my batteries are dead on my camera and the k-2 meter!". I sat at the table changing my battery in the mel-meter that I just put a new 9v battery in before I left home.
I thought about it and said to my self "Boy this night is going to to be great!" I look up and there was a solid black shadow person walking 20 feet in front of where I sat.
Amazing! Not on location 10 minutes and battery drainage and shadow people.
I was frothing at the mouth to get started. I grabed my gear and start my rounds. I started to notice that most of the graves were military except for one that was odd. The name was covered with wood and glue.
So I stop and start an evp session. I sat the digital recorder on the rocks on the foot of the grave. 2 or 3 minutes go by and my lead P.I Scott walked up and we are doing our thing. I look at him and he looks back with the Holy crap! Look on his face.
We both just saw the recorder spin on the rock. So we reset it and few questions later, it turns again then nothing for 45 minutes or so. I found my self standing at this grave again. The batteries died in my recorder, so I said "that's a neat trick but can you really show me you are here." Not as soon as I said that, he let me know he was there!
"Ohh Shi..." something or some one just grabbed my leg and a few pulls from this entity and down I went all the way up to my upper right leg into the grave. My foot would have been where the person's rib cage would have been. I tried to pull my leg out of the hole. As I pulled, it pulled like a tug-o-war. It was trying to pull me down. Scott runs up with his recorder recording and said "who..who was it that attacked Barrie" then he helped me out of the hole.
I was to shaken up too much to continue. We wrapped it up and headed out for home. The next day Scott called me and said "your not going to believe this! I got a response when I asked who attacked you." All I could say was "really?"
Scott said "I'm going to email it now and when you listen to this, call me back".
I open the file, plug in my headphones, and then press the play button.........."Barrie you ok? Yes i am now!........who?..who attacked Barrie !?!?...." (evp) "It was creepy Howie..that crazy bitch is here".
The next day I was talking to the self-appointed "historian" of Good Springs & Sandy Valley, Nevada and I asked him about the grave. The story he told me I was shocking.
He said that the grave belonged to a man named Howard P or Creepy Howie, as the locals knew him. Well, Howard was a bad man. He was said to have done bad things to young girls. When he got caught, he did prison time, but then got out and did the same thing. He then shot himself. His name was covered to protect the grave. My jaw almost hit the ground. I told the historian nothing of what had happened that night, nor did I tell him of the Evp that was captured.
I know this seems like something you would see on a Hollywood horror flick. But it was way worse because this ain't Hollywood!

Until next time be well,

To listen to the Evp that was captured go to for this and others captures.

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