Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man's best freind...

This is a photo from one of our residential cases.
We where called in to do what we call a blind run. It is where we do not know anything about the claims of activity.
We get to the home and we get to work first with a sensitive walk thru to get any phychic impressions then we lay down our electronic net. We set up our IR cameras and voice recorders. Then we do a EMF sweep and saturation photos. after all the baseline readings are done we get to it.
I was sitting in the baby's room on a chair for about 15minutes when i hear a very loud growl like from a big dog i stop my EVP session and go back to see if i caught the growl on the recording with no luck.
So i just kept on working after about 20 more minutes nothing so i head out to another room and our photo tech we call "preacher" and our sensitive "liss" go into the baby's room and they start taking photo's and doing EVP work.
The photo's were taken with the light from a green flash light instead of the camera flash.
Liss says i feel something in here as she sticks her arm out and says" take one right here" so preacher snaps a few and they continue on.
Well after the photo review Preacher calls me and says "your not going to believe this" he sends me the picture and he was right i could not believe what i was seeing.
There it was a picture of a dog. It looked mean ears folded down teeth showing. Was this the dog that growled at me that night?
I was talking with the client to find out that they had a pitbull that got locked in the car the summer before and died from the heat. She also stated that the dog used to sleep in the baby's room where the photo was taken. she told this to me before i shared what we had captured.

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