Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Spirit Speaks

I've been with VVP for almost two years now. I have always been a believer in the paranormal. But nothing.....absolutely NOTHING, could have prepared me for the biggest paranormal wake-up call I received recently at a residential investigation.

The case began like all the others. The client calls, relates their claims of seeing shadow people, hearing voices, objects flying across the room, being scratched....the typical reports of activity. Part of me thought "For ONCE I would like to have a case where this stuff really happens." Well.....Momma always used to say "Be careful what you wish for." I should have remembered that warning.

Before I proceed, I have to make it very clear that I cannot reveal the identity of the team members involved in the case for very obvious personal reasons. Evidence is always subjected to speculation or even ridicule. Hell, if I had not been there and someone told ME the details of that evening I would have been skeptical. People already accuse investigators enough of photo-shopping pictures, falsifying evidence or embellishing situations. It's hard for me to not get upset when a piece of evidence is produced and someone actually accuses us of lying and I was THERE and knew better. Anyway, due to the nature of what occurred I cannot have my team members ridiculed or turned in to freakshow attractions.

The EVP session began like they all do, but this one was different because the intention was to physically connect with the entities present. My team member sat on the bed and began to speak. It began as a whisper, words so faint I could not make out what was being said. Gradually the voice got louder and as I listened, I realized that I could not understand the words being spoken. I leaned in closer to try to make them out. As the voice got louder it dawned on me what I was hearing. I looked at the other team member in the room and said "It sounds like Navajo!" I was absolutely stunned as I listened. Gradually the words came faster and louder only to eventually taper off in to silence. Minutes would go by as the individual was rocking back and forth. Gradually the words would begin to emerge again. I recorded four sessions like this before we decided to bring it to an end. It appeared that the person channeling was becoming distressed so for safety purposes we slowly approached and gently brought it to a close. When the person gradually "came to", there was very little remembrance of what had taken place.

We met with the family a few days later and presented them the evidence. The family, who happens to be Native American, sat with us and listened to the sessions. While the mother was unable to speak the Navajo language she stated that her uncle spoke it as she was growing up. We asked her if she could try to translate what was being said, if in fact it was Navajo at all.

As the first session began, the mother's eyes grew wide and her hands flew to her mouth in disbelief. She burst out in tears and said "It's a prayer". Her uncle, who had died years before, would say that prayer frequently. The emotions experienced by her were so intense it was difficult for me to not get emotional myself since I absorb them like a sponge. She listened and continued to weep to the other three sessions and identified a prayer chant. In the third one she said that her uncle was repeating the words he spoke as he was dying. The fourth session was the most beautiful of them all. He spoke to her directly. He told her that his circle was complete, that he was with her, and her ancestors were protecting her.

Let's set aside for a moment the fact that I have never witnessed a channeling before. I will swear and affirm on every holy book available, take a lie detector test, will do anything necessary to say that the events I witnessed were true. I know for a fact that the person channeling does not speak Navajo. The things that were spoken were unaltered and were of a personal nature that had not been disclosed to us.

Readers....I know and believe with every fiber of my being that there is something out there unseen by most of us. It was an honor and a privilege for me to be a witness to what happened that night. I am in awe of what happened and feel so fortunate to be a part of Vegas Valley Paranormal. I loved doing what we do before this happened, but I feel so much more passionate about it now and I wasn't sure that would be possible. I have a deeper respect for it and for my team members. We all have our own "gifts" and to be a part of that night was humbling.

So....thank you for following us! We appreciate all of your interest and support. My next blog will be coming soon and will be talking about a slightly more sinister side of paranormal investigations.

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