Thursday, February 2, 2012


Two round trip tickets to Fillmore, Utah please.
These words would forever change the way my best buddy Luke and I looked at life. We were 15 & 16 at the time on summer vacation. We were headed to Utah, my home state, to visit my family that lived there.
We took the Greyhound bus from Laughlin,NV to Fillmore,UT. We got in at about 2:00 am and walked across the street to my grandpa's house.
A few days have past and Luke and I are getting bored, so we hooked up with a few my my friends I grew up with during the time I was in Utah. Raymond was my best childhood friend.
Preston is a kid I went to kindergarten with.
So I have known them all for a long time and trust them all.
We can't stand the boredom any more and decide to walk to the cemetery were my grandmother is buried. I was told when I was younger that there was a grave there that belonged to a family that was part of a satanic occult. The husband and wife were buried there looking up through a glass top. So we went hunting around the cemetery looking for the plot.
I hear a yell from across the cemetery. It was Raymond calling "hey guys I found it!" so we all made our way through the dark, cold head stones to this very large grave. It was 4x the size of the largest plots.
"Wow, what a grand spot to lay to rest." I said to Luke. All he could mutter was "uh huh."
It was made out of white marble. It had 4 large pillars that held up a large marble top while a small head stone sat below.
Preston walks up and says "it looks like a alter."
Raymond says "cause it is."
Ha ha ha "no, it's not" Luke laughs and exclaims.
Raymond starts to tell the stories he has heard about the grave.
It's haunted and people get sick if they touch it.
So Luke and all of his brains he starts to piss of the side of the grave.
I start to yell at him but before I could say anything his chest thrust forward and his eyes rolled back in his head and he started walking away with bubbles coming from his mouth. He would not answer me, so I chased after him and turned him toward me and whack! I slapped him hard to bring him out of this possession or what ever was happening to him and I did not even phase him in the least. He just kept walking. My other friends are starting to trip out and honestly so was I.
There on the corner sat a church. I have Luke pointed to the church on the corner.
10 minutes go by and Luke comes around enough to figure something is wrong by the way we were acting. I look up past him at the 50 foot pines that surround the cemetery to see 5 beach ball size white orbs of light were dancing around about 20-30 feet in the air.
We could see them moving up and down through the trees. Then, as fast as they where there, they were gone. We all were speechless after the evening's events. It was funny how we didn't talk about what just happened. We just kind of said "we are going home we will see you later."
Raymond and Preston went their way and Luke and I went ours.
Years later I talked with Ray and Preston and asked them how they felt about that summer night. To quote them exactly. "Don't! ......" That all that was said about this night.

Until next time be well,

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