Monday, January 30, 2012

My first capture!

These photos were taken one right after the other during my very first investigation with VVP at Carluccio's. I had purchased a camera that also took IR photos and was playing with it at the investigation, these photos were taken during the saturation photos we took before beginning the investigation. The only people in this immediate area where myself and Meme, there were some team members behind us in another room, but nobody was sitting in the bar area. I love how in the one photo you can clearly see the man sitting down between the two stools where there isn't really a place to sit! These photos got me excited once they were shown to me after the review process. I had never captured anything in my photos before except some dust and MAYBE an orb, I also haven't been able to capture anything since. Though not getting positive photos since this investigation is a little discouraging, I still remember the excitement I felt when I saw these photos and were told they came from my camera. I'm still super excited to be able to say that this came out of my first investigation. Even if I don't capture anything else during my time with VVP, I have still been able to feel the excitement of a positive capture.

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