Friday, January 27, 2012

Graveyard in La Fortuna

Graveyard in La Fortuna

Every night weird things happen in our store, La Fortuna, from drunken individuals looking for a good time to the outrageous working girls, you could say we have seen it all working the grave yard shift. Every now and again something happens that no one can explain, when the store is empty except those who are working; there are sounds, items moving, and unexplainable sites that make you ask if you are crazy. After six months of hearing stories I finally had my own experience and you can let me know do you believe?
Normal night in November except Mary kept going on about how the green glasses keep getting messed up at the bottom of the sunglass rack, located between the refreshments and our registers.  Tired of hearing about the little boy who keeps playing with the sunglasses I walk into the back as Jamilliah and Mary continue their discussion on the boy who plays with the glasses. Not believing until I walk back out and Mary is shaking and telling me about this lady who walked between her and Jamilliah.  I didn’t really understand what she was talking about; I thought she was talking about a guest. When Jamilliah returned to the store she and Mary retold the story.

              “Mary and I were talking, facing each other, about a few feet away. There a figure-silhouette of a person walked between us!” Jamilliah said. “It was a lady in old clothing and a 50’s style hat!” Mary described the lady as she recalled the distinct figure that walked between them.

This is when I truly believed that the stories of La Fortuna were not just stories, but the past still here.

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